Dreaming an old dream.......



As an ever flowing silver stream

This in my heart this is a dream

A dream of long ago ever shining bright this in my heart

The dream of long ago will always be a part of me

Though sometimes it seems it may never be a reality

I keep scheming and dreaming

Always dreaming my old dream like a haunting melody of song

A song forever long somewhere,

someday In a land far away

Beyond the distant sky of blue

My dream of long ago old yet ever new

Somewhere, someday yet to come true

Come on along

Dare to dream a dream sing a song

Of blessed Peace forever long

You will always find me this

Along the shimmering silver stream

Always dreaming my old dream.

Speaking to me of love…



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As all things surrounding me begin to dry,
a subtle scent of pine permeates the air,
like the fleeting perfume of a lover,
or the wisp of a memory touching.........
My heart, 
like a brass urn overflowing
with rose petals mottled red and white,
still searches for a brightness I never knew 
your eyes, speaking to me of love…

River of reflection.....



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A river flowing peacefully;

vibrant, splendid tranquility.

Past fields and villages so quaint.

Canopies boast endless leaves,

mighty boulders; the water heaves.

Lovely scenes just waiting for paint.

When at last Its long journey ends,

and to the ocean it now sends,

liquid blending together faint.

Like a river, so flows my life;

Distant memories growing faint

of laughter, tears, circumstances,

mourning, and romantic dances.

Murals of my days wait for paint.

My journey down this river long

has been like a favorite song;

wonderful, simple and so quaint.

just remember



I always knew our Love would grow ,
I have never regretted our very first hello
We both are wrong sometimes and this we know .............
So we can never let our anger grow .
We can't turn back the hands of time

but I know that our hearts are entwined .
I promise that things will ,
Turn out just fine .
I want to continue to share our life ,

I want you always be my wife .
The things I did,
the things I do
I am so Sorry ..............
I never meant to hurt you ,
From the Heavens above to the

Fire down Below
I Will always be your hero
And you my queen,
and my love for you will continue to grow ........
If for any reason we shall part ,

Just remember you will
always hold the key to my heart
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come to me, let me love you..........



Come to me,

let me love you,

I do not want this to an end,

Tell me! you will be my one true love.

It may be far from me to you

never could there be a love so true,

We do not have a beginning or an end.

There is nothing,

together we cannot do,

It only takes ,

me and you.

Come to me,

you smell of roses and violets,

When you hold me close

I am not afraid,

for I know,

There will be other days.

My love is such,

A flame is burning bright,

I write your name in my soul

So, come to me,

time grows dim

We are two spirits, in love,

We are in.....

Mahfooz Ali.......

Words of compassion that we never recognize



So quiet,
It's peace,
It's not judged,
It's so dark,
It's hovering in this void.
It isn't known,
It's a work of art,
It's singing from my soul।
It's within and it's without,
And I am holding onto it,
Not in my hand,
I am enveloped ...................
If my words would compress and release,
To a future pair of eyes,
To an unset place and time,
I would find solace in arms reaching out............

A smile



A smile.
Shut up already.
A laugh.
Burn in hell.
A tear.
Let me die.
A frown.
This is why I hate you.
A nod.
You are so pathetic.
A word.
Leave me alone.
A sigh.
I am going to hurt you.
A movement.
One more word and I swear you will die.
A departure.
You are no longer worth my time.