Come to me, let me love you..........


Come to me,

let me love you,

I do not want this to an end,

Tell me! you will be my one true love.

It may be far from me to you

never could there be a love so true,

We do not have a beginning or an end.

There is nothing,

together we cannot do,

It only takes ,

me and you.

Come to me,

you smell of roses and violets,

When you hold me close

I am not afraid,

for I know,

There will be other days.

My love is such,

A flame is burning bright,

I write your name in my soul

So, come to me,

time grows dim

We are two spirits, in love,

We are in.....

Mahfooz Ali.......

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Nice creation...
Infact, the one u posted in the comment of my blog is too good!!
Great work done...
Post them here also :)
Keep updating ur blog with poems & I will surely comment!

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