Words of compassion that we never recognize


So quiet,
It's peace,
It's not judged,
It's so dark,
It's hovering in this void.
It isn't known,
It's a work of art,
It's singing from my soul।
It's within and it's without,
And I am holding onto it,
Not in my hand,
I am enveloped ...................
If my words would compress and release,
To a future pair of eyes,
To an unset place and time,
I would find solace in arms reaching out............

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Hi Dear,
Thanks for your comments.
Your creation is very good!

Infact after your comments I visited your blog but that time it didn't have any latest creation of urs. But good that you started working on it....

There are many picture editing tools available on the internet. Specifically, I use picasa for all the picture editing activities.

All the very best!


Another magnificent creation of yours.
Just perfect..

Hi :)
Hope you are doing good.
By the way, there is an option to insert text. Double click the pic that you wish to open. Then in BASIC FIXES tab you may find the option to insert text.

Hope it helps!
Take care
Good bye

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