Dreaming an old dream.......


As an ever flowing silver stream

This in my heart this is a dream

A dream of long ago ever shining bright this in my heart

The dream of long ago will always be a part of me

Though sometimes it seems it may never be a reality

I keep scheming and dreaming

Always dreaming my old dream like a haunting melody of song

A song forever long somewhere,

someday In a land far away

Beyond the distant sky of blue

My dream of long ago old yet ever new

Somewhere, someday yet to come true

Come on along

Dare to dream a dream sing a song

Of blessed Peace forever long

You will always find me this

Along the shimmering silver stream

Always dreaming my old dream.

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Dare to dream , they do become reality one day. Just do not stay in them during day that is the time to realize them.
Beautiful poem.

Quite a beautiful poem !

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