River of reflection.....



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A river flowing peacefully;

vibrant, splendid tranquility.

Past fields and villages so quaint.

Canopies boast endless leaves,

mighty boulders; the water heaves.

Lovely scenes just waiting for paint.

When at last Its long journey ends,

and to the ocean it now sends,

liquid blending together faint.

Like a river, so flows my life;

Distant memories growing faint

of laughter, tears, circumstances,

mourning, and romantic dances.

Murals of my days wait for paint.

My journey down this river long

has been like a favorite song;

wonderful, simple and so quaint.

just remember



I always knew our Love would grow ,
I have never regretted our very first hello
We both are wrong sometimes and this we know .............
So we can never let our anger grow .
We can't turn back the hands of time

but I know that our hearts are entwined .
I promise that things will ,
Turn out just fine .
I want to continue to share our life ,

I want you always be my wife .
The things I did,
the things I do
I am so Sorry ..............
I never meant to hurt you ,
From the Heavens above to the

Fire down Below
I Will always be your hero
And you my queen,
and my love for you will continue to grow ........
If for any reason we shall part ,

Just remember you will
always hold the key to my heart
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Come to me, let me love you..........



Come to me,

let me love you,

I do not want this to an end,

Tell me! you will be my one true love.

It may be far from me to you

never could there be a love so true,

We do not have a beginning or an end.

There is nothing,

together we cannot do,

It only takes ,

me and you.

Come to me,

you smell of roses and violets,

When you hold me close

I am not afraid,

for I know,

There will be other days.

My love is such,

A flame is burning bright,

I write your name in my soul

So, come to me,

time grows dim

We are two spirits, in love,

We are in.....

Mahfooz Ali.......