The one is my so called ex wife, another one is my ex would be wife


The one is my so called ex wife, another one is my ex would be wife
Someone has sucked out my soul

There is nothing more to lose,
it all has come to an end
Every day with a pen in the hand
I used to writeWrite till my fingers hurt
Write all the words that I couldn't blurt
I tore everything that had their name they had ruined me;
I could never be the same
Frown on the face, messed up hair
People who loved me wouldn't even come near
Drops of water stuck in eyes Smudged up,
crying over all defame
What had they made me into?
I just wanted to be myself once againFor once,
dance in the rainI wanted to once again see the sun shine
I wanted my soul
to be just mineI wanted to forget them and their face
I wanted to forget those moments and that time and place
I wanted to stop living in memories and move on
Why should I cry over someone who was gone?
And so I started to smile
Even if all the while,
The heart inside was breaking
And the entire world inside was shaking
I would take control
Of my weak soul
And not let myself cry
I could not let myself die
I walked with my head straight up high
I could finally say goodbye
I started a new journey from a new started from the beginning stage
I am brand new and much stronger
To break me apart now took longerGone through a lot, made a lot of mistakes
At least I know I won't make them once more
Because a more confident me has walked in the door
Now that I see myself in the mirror
I can see my reflection clearer
I don't need to pretend
If nothings good then it’s never the end
For here I stand
And I don't need to hold their hand
I have enough strength
I have found myself...

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"If I keep a green bough in heart,
The singing bird will come."
Take care.

very touching..yes u should start a new journey you cant change the past but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying abt future....be happy...

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